Mobile Airtime

** We are currently re-developing the Android & iOS apps, so those on Play and App stores have been decommissioned until the new versions are published. We appreciate your patience and in due time, we will notify you here. **

What is mobile airtime?

Mobile airtime, also known as mobile credit, recharge credit or top-up is the value credited on prepaid mobile phones for making calls, sending text or using data.

How do I send mobile airtime?

You can send an instant airtime using one of our World TopApp apps or directly from this webpage. To send an airtime, please follow the following steps. Alternatively, please check this video steps.
  1. Select a contact on your mobile phone or enter a mobile phone number. (The number should be in international format. It must have a country code).
  2. Check and confirm the operator of the recipient's phone number.
  3. Select an amount to send.
  4. Checkout and choose payment method - please check How do I pay for the airtime?
  5. Confirm the details and proceed to send the top-up.
The recipient will be notified instantly of the airtime top-up. You will also receive an instant SMS confirmation of the transaction, including a Transaction ID.

How do I pay for the airtime?

Currently, we only accept payments via PayPal.

Do you charge any fees?

To process your transactions securely, we charge a fixed fee of 0.35 EUR. You get to see the total amount, including the fee before you proceed to payment.

Do I need to register to send airtime?

Absolutely Not! You can do a quick top-up without any registration/log-in. Please check How to send airtime.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can send airtime?

You can top-up as many times as you wish but there is a limit to the amount of airtime that a recipient can receive. Kindly find below the maximum transactions allowed for a recipient.
The daily limit is 10 top-ups or 200 EUR
The weekly limit is 15 top-ups or 300 EUR
The monthly limit is 20 top-ups or 400 EUR.

What do I do if the recipient does not receive the airtime I sent?

Please contact our customer care support team with your Transaction ID, recipient's international mobile phone number and operator's name. We will swiftly assist you.

What happens if I enter the wrong phone number?

Once the transaction is successful, it cannot be undone. Please make sure you enter the correct number.

How can I get the World TopApp app?

The World TopApp app can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store and App Store. Visit on your mobile device to download.